Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Summer is finally here!! Although I will be working for the months of June and July, I will have shorter hours, so hopefully that means that I'll be able to put more effort into cleaning this place up. Expect lots of before and after pictures! The goal is to spend two weeks on each room. I would love to say that I can finish a room per week, but I feel like two weeks is more manageable for me. Of course you can always go quicker or slower than my pace, or you can always follow right along with me. At the end of the two weeks, I'm hoping to have a cleaned up and organized space...and hopefully you will too!

Here are the rooms I will be working on:
Laundry Room
Craft Space
Our Room
Closets (this includes all closets around the house)

Starting Sunday, I will be tackling the laundry room! What shape is your laundry room in? You have two weeks to fancy it up. Let's do this, Summer...

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